According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a predicted growth rate of 10%, the construction business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. The BLS anticipates occupations within this area to add about 705,000 new jobs within the years 2018 and 2028. Construction jobs in California may be very gratifying for hard-working people who flourish in fast-paced environments and relish working as part of an organization to build, repair, and maintain new and present buildings and constructions.

When contemplating working in construction, it is necessary to know what type of jobs are open and what each job does.

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What does the construction industry do?

The construction industry has jobs in California that pay wellIt concentrates on the ideation, creation, and preservation of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. They also operate on creating and sustaining structures such as bridges, roads, and utility methods and do arrangements accordingly. While many people may believe in the construction business only as it links to new construction, professionals within this business may also work on projects comprising remodels, repairs, additions, and maintenance of existing structures and buildings.

Different types of construction jobs in California are-

Construction workers

They offer the primary physical work most of them associated with construction such as digging, clearing, and building. Their responsibilities include hand-operated labor such as moving supplies and materials to the job location, preparing the work site, testing and using machinery and tools, measuring and cutting building supplies to exact specifications, and using several hand tools and automatic tools.

Construction monitor/inspector

They are workers of the local government who attends job sites and inspects the work being done to ensure all buildings and constructions comply with specifications of the contract, zoning regulations, creating codes, and laws and safety regulations.


A surveyor visits prospective job sites before the building begins to inspect the place and measure and document the data about the site’s location, altitude, and contour. They then use this data to compare their data to actual records, draw and renew boundary lines, determine sections for buildings and houses, and outline them.

Other types include- Civil engineer, roofer, brick mason, concrete finisher, tile setter, construction manager, glazier, ironworker, plumber, carpenter, safety manager, cost estimator, electrician, painter, etc.

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